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Shemrock Celebrates Basant Panchami on 20th Jan

Basant Panchami has a specific meaning; Basant means spring, whereas Panchami means the fifth day of the spring. The festival lies in the month of January-February and is celebrated with great fervor in North India. The festival marks the end of the winters and is one of the first festivals of the Year.
On the day of the festival, people dress up in the diverse shades of yellow, as the colour yellow symbolizes the splendor of nature. Kite flying, a popular sport in India, is associated with Basant Panchami day. It is a day for the young and old alike. No routine work, no studies, only merry making!! And when it comes to celebrations, SHEMROCK is never behind.
The onset of the spring season was welcomed by Shemrockites by dressing up in hues of yellow and orange- it was the special dress code for the day and all the kids looked pretty in their colorful dresses. The School premises also matched up to the occasion in terms of decoration with yellow flowers РMarigolds and Sunflowers adorned the little campus. Little children came dressed as little Sunflowers & Marigold flowers. The food menu for the day was also as per the occasion- Yellow Sweet Rice and Orange Boondi Laddoos were served to the children. Parents of Shemrockites were invited to a Kite Flying Competition where the kids as well as their parents had lots of fun.

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