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Shemrock celebrates Father’s Day at M2K with lots of fun

Shemrock and M2K celebrated Fathers Day 2009 with lots of fun and masti…
An Effort by Synergy– The Shemrock Parent Participation Programme

Shemrock Group of Schools, India’s leading Chain of Preschools celebrated Fathers Day 2009 in partnership with M2K Cinemas on 20th and 21st June 2009. The two days mega event was organized at M2K Cinema Complex – Pitampura and Rohini. The programme organized by Shemrock and M2K had a lot more than just fun and masti for the kids and their Dads.

Fathers’ role in a Child’s life is as important as a mother but we often forget the sacrifice of our fathers and the roles they have played in shaping our lives. Hence, Fathers Day is perfect time when we can make our dads realize ‘How important they are for us’ and this was why we celebrated Fathers day on such a big Platform.

At Shemrock, we’ve always believed that both teachers and parents play an important role in the growth and development of a child and it’s only through open communication, fruitful discussions and active participation that we can together lay a strong foundation for our children. We also realize that as parents we all want to spend quality time participating in our child’s learning activities. But at times we are so busy working or running our household that we somehow miss the opportunity.

Through Synergy- which is SHEMROCK’s Parent Participation Programme, we provide an opportunity for you to participate in your child’s learning according to your time schedule, your interest and your skills. Programmes such as Father’s Day celebrations, are an effort in this direction. As part of the programme, we invited all the parents especially the ‘Dads’ along with their children to enjoy and participate together in various fun – loaded activities and games on this special day!

There were a variety of games and activities for all the age groups of children and their dads….right from Antakshari till ‘Best Dressed Father and Child’. The special attraction of the event was ‘The Lucky Dip – a special holiday package’ sponsored by Club Mahindra worth Rs.20, 000. Games like continuous laughing and tongue twisters had pulled the crowd towards the show and made them participate in the games. Many fathers and kids had also performed on the latest dance numbers like ‘Yeh Duniya utt patanga’ & ‘Singh is King’. A number of children had also participated in the Painting competition sponsored by ‘The Child Magazine’, talent Hunt and Antakshari. The games were so interesting that people wanted to participate in it again and again.

There was also a special dance performance by “The Boogie Walk”, a well-known dance group. The sizzling performance by ‘The Boogie Walk team’ made the crowd dance and shout for ‘Once more – once more’.

The fathers Day celebration by Shemrock and M2K overall was a grand success……..



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