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Schools with 4 Years Age Criteria for Nursery Class Admissions

Parents who missed out to find a seat for their toddlers in a good school last year can now breathe a sigh of relief. This year, few good schools in the capital are preferring 4 years old for admission in class nursery.

Since the DoE has not issued any guidelines regarding the minimum age for Nursery admissions this year, the schools are free to choose it themselves. Although most of the schools have kept 3 years as the age criteria for nursery class admission, there are schools like Ahlcon Public School(in Mayur Vihar) and The Heritage School(in Vasant Kunj and Rohini), who are admitting children in the age group of three to five years in their pre-school classes.

The Ahlcon Public School has kept 20 points for children who are aged 4 years but less than five on 31st march 2011, 15 points and 10 points for children aged less than four years and three-and-a-half years, respectively. School Principal  opined, four years is the ideal age to be in a school. The maturity level of a four-year old is also more than three-year old.

The Heritage School on the other hand, has reserved 25 points for children aged between three and four years, 15 points for children aged between four and five years and 10 points for children aged above five years.There are others like Mount Carmel School Dwarka and Anand Niketan, who have kept three-and-a-half years as the minimum age for admission in nursery class.

NGO Social Jurist had last month challenged the Delhi Government’s decision to have three plus as the age of admission in a school. The RTE Act stipulates that children in Class I should be aged six, while a child aged three plus admitted in nursery will be only five when he/she reaches Class I. The hearing in the case is scheduled for January 11.

(Source- Indian Express)



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