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Preschool School Franchise Opportunity in Gujarat

Education is a sector that is showing no signs of slowing down. And it has a lot of potential to grow since it is still in the developing stage. One part of this sector which has emerged as the rising star is the preschool industry. Furthermore, market analysts have predicted the growth rate to even surpass the expectations.

Gujarat is among the most economically developed states in India. It has continued to sustain a growth momentum of double-digit every year. Hence, it has a vast scope for the preschool sector to spread its wings. But, how to enter this segment? And what are the opportunities available for entrepreneurs? The establishment of this business becomes even easier and profitable with the intervention of the franchise industry. It optimises the available options and generates the best outcomes possible. Therefore, to start a preschool franchise in Gujarat is an intelligent decision.

This sector can be broadly divided into the preschool, primary and 10+2 sector. Here, we will talk about opportunities in the preschool sector.

  • The High Growth Rate In The Sector

Preschool is a massive industry which is growing exponentially in India. A growth of 23% is expected in this sector by 2017-2022 according to techsci report. Past few years have witnessed its emergence as a strong business contender for investment. And Gujarat being the rapidly growing economy has a wide room for the development of preschool franchise business.

  • Rising Need For Early Childhood Education

The increasing living standards of people and growing urbanisation are sensitising people for early childhood education. Parents are realising the importance of learning in the formative years of their child. Likewise, people in Gujarat want their children to be prepared for future competition and formal education. Therefore, they are embracing the preschool education earnestly. This creates a favourable opportunity for preschool franchise business in the state.

  • Demand For Quality Education

Private schools are considered a mark of quality education. And parents tend to trust a brand more when it comes to their child’s learning. These schools have a well-researched curriculum, standardised infrastructure, facilities and nationwide reputation.

Also, the insufficient number of branded preschools generate the need for opening more schools to satisfy the demand. The scenario is not limited to the metropolitans but the need is similar in non-metro cities as well.

  • Low Investment Venture

A low investment venture which generates long term profits is a lucrative opportunity.  And since Gujarat is known for its trade and business, entrepreneurs envisage it as a rewarding proposition for investment. It is even suitable for the businessmen who want to start on a small scale. Therefore, it has a promising future and is likely to retain its growth for the next few decades. So, opening a nursery school franchise is a wise decision.

  • Favourable Demographics

Out of the total population, approximately 25% are children who fall under the age bracket of 0-6 years. This creates the need for more preschools in India. Furthermore, changing trend and urbanisation contributed well to this demand adding to the lure of this industry.

  • Recession-Free Business

The playschool franchise business is a secure and least risk-oriented option. This is a secure proposition which is hardly affected by the ups and downs of the business cycle. During the recession, the child’s education is the last thing where parents curtail their budgets. This makes it a profitable venture for entrepreneurs to invest in. Also, increases its scope and creates opportunities for investment.

  • Work-Life Harmony

Nowadays, people are striving for creating a balance between their work and family life. By opening a preschool franchise, they can achieve a stress-free and sorted life. It has limited working hours and easy nature of work. Hence, by investing little time they can generate huge revenues. This is another reason why it is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

These are some of the humongous advantages that a preschool franchise business offers. And Gujarat being the land of opportunities serves as a huge playschool market. So, if you are planning on starting a nursery school franchise anywhere in the state, a known brand is recommended.
SHEMROCK Group Of Schools is a preschool franchise chain which is serving the education sector for the last 30 years. It has partnered with more than 650 branches across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is a prestigious brand that has bagged many awards and accolades. It provides lifetime support and assistance to all its partners at every step of the preschool establishment. From set up to marketing and from curriculum to infrastructure all the concerned things are taken care of by the Group. It is a bankable and trustworthy brand to start your entrepreneurial journey.



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