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Opt for Montessori school and assure child-centred learning

The concept of Montessori schools was introduced in the late 19th century by an Italian educator Maria Montessori and it has since then become very popular. This is because the complete focus is on the child, his/her interest and also the willingness to learn. This approach of study in Montessori schools focuses completely on the individual learning. The teacher only plays the role of a silent spectator and guide after she has introduced the accessories for the learning process to the children.

The best learning through the Montessori schools takes place by exposing the child to an environment which is closest possible to nature. Small plants on the window sill, a small pet, nature shelves etc. can be used to create such an atmosphere. Since the Montessori method believes in the ‘different way of thinking of the children than adults’, they are allowed to explore newer facets of nature and just undergo guided learning under the teacher or director whenever required.

All aspects of growth and development of the child are taken care of in Montessori schools in the child-centred way. The practical life and its areas, the sensorial development of the child, cultural aspects, science, language and maths etc are all learned through experiences that the child obtains by touching, feeling and doing in the Montessori schools. With the right learning, the skills of the child are best developed and go a long way in the child’s life.



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