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How to make learning interesting, engaging & motivating!

I often hear parents say that their child doesn’t pay enough attention in school. But what they don’t realize is that the same child spends hours and hours exploring the world of their latest computer and video games, that too with immense concentration and with a great urge to learn. When education is presented in a push model, it becomes the slowest, least effective and most uninteresting path to learning. Not only does it makes learning dull and de-motivates the children; it also makes schools boring places where young children find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for long. As a result, children develop a negative attitude towards learning and school.


Do you think, it is possible to turn around the situation? Is it possible that children become as excited about learning as they are about play or videogames? So much so that they love schooldays more than holidays . Sure! it is, all it requires is an understanding of a child, her interests, passions and using these as a vehicle for motivation.


As a teacher, you know that in each of your class, there are a variety of students, each of whom bring to the learning environment different perceptions, prior knowledge, attitudes and learning styles. Each one of them have different levels of understanding, types of intelligences and different pace of learning. As a concerned teacher, it becomes important to recognize the individuality of each child and to make use of a variety of instructional approaches to ensure that all “types” of students and their various needs are being met.


Further it becomes challenging to make learning interesting for each one of them. In order to make learning interesting, the most essential factor is to keep the learners engaged. So one of the biggest concerns as an educator is- How to gain attention of the students? And how can we get our students more engaged in their learning? There are various classroom techniques which when used effectively can help in achieving the desired result.

To begin with, you must make connection with your students at the beginning of your class. Determine what your students already know and what they enjoy. Also show enthusiasm about what you are teaching and let your students see that excitement through your lessons.

Further, make your lessons interesting and fun by planning them in advance. Work out in detail the concept to be taught, the teaching methodologies you plan to use, the teaching aids you need to prepare etc. This will give you time to bring in innovation and creativity in your teaching. By adopting new and interesting ways you will be able to enhance & maintain the interest of the students.


The old adage “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” is equally true of teaching strategies. If, on the other hand, you have more tools in your toolbox, you will have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate tool for the task at hand. Sometimes ,the classes at the school seem monotonous to the child and result in low concentration levels of the kids. Using a variety of teaching methods keeping in mind children’s interests, learning styles, intelligences etc. will help in sustaining interest in the topic being taught. Moreover, when the child enjoys the learning process, he concentrates more and retains more resulting in better grades and improved attitude towards learning.

Additionally, give them a lot of examples while teaching. It is necessary that the child is able to relate himself to whatever he does. It would definitely help to gain his attention and develop his interest in the concept.

Further, invite active participation by students in the teaching-learning process. Teaching should not just be a one-sided process but it should be interactive as well. Design hands on activities, organize group discussions, quizzes and other interactive activities to make learning engaging. Also, encourage students to raise their doubts and queries so that they become frank in discussing their doubts and clarify their confusions.

Last but not the least, use technology extensively to introduce, elaborate and clarify concepts to children in the everyday classroom environment. This is so, as ICT leads to active engagement, increased concentration and greater retention. Further technology also changes the way teachers teach, offering educators effective ways to reach different types of learners and assess students understanding through multiple means. Therefore, effective tech integration must happen across the curriculum into subject areas in a way that teachers grow into roles of advisors, content experts and mentors. This way Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun thus enhancing the relationship between teacher and student.

Remember, the quality of learning and the resulting habits of mind developed in your classroom will affect not only your students, but also their families, their friends and eventually the society. It is in this relation that your potential for changing the world is matchless. It is humbling and perhaps a little overwhelming; when you realize that the future of the country is indeed in your hands.

I wish you realize this and are empowered by the ideas presented herein. I hope you will be successful in making learning creative, engaging and motivating for your students!

All the Best!



Meenal Arora
Meenal Arora
Mrs. Meenal Arora is the Executive Director of SHEMROCK Preschools & Founder Director of SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools – one of India’s leading education groups, which manages over 425 Senior Schools & Preschools across India and Abroad. As Head of the school curricular division, Mrs. Arora’s responsibilities extend to designing, innovating and developing educational systems. An enthusiastic writer as well, she has been consistently providing articles on parenting and many more topics related to children, which are regularly published in some of the leading newspapers and monthly magazines like Responsible Parenting, Parent’s India, Curriculum, Child, Grehlakshmi, Grehshobha, Bindiya etc. She is also on the advisory panel of Parent’s India Magazine - one of the country’s leading magazine.

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