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Indoor Activities that would keep your Toddler Busy

Children running across the entire house, bashing into the furniture and hurting themselves, this is what bothers most of the parents when they think about leaving their child’s side just for a moment. You can do all the daily household chores only after you have made your little one busy elsewhere.

Here are some activities that can occupy your child and hold her still for a good amount of time:

  • Draw A Cartoon Character

Ask your child to think of her favourite cartoon character and draw it on a plain sheet. Also, tell her to remember the colours that the character wears and to fill those colours in her drawing.

  • Colour a Landscape

Explain to your child what a landscape is and give her an already drawn or printed landscape to colour. You may also give her a colour guide for this.

  • Finger or Hand Printing

Give your child a set of non-chemical water colours and ask her to make any design using her imagination and creativity by her hands’ or fingers’ prints.

  • Play with Clay or Play Dough

Provide your child with clay or prepare play dough yourself if you want your child to play with something more organic, by heating a mix of flour, oil, salt, water, food coloring and tartar cream for 5 minutes over medium heat and ask your child to create figures using it.

  • Paint and Decorate Cardboard Box

Find an empty cardboard box and leave it in the custody of your young one. Children love to paint on things other than paper.



Meenal Arora
Meenal Arora
Mrs. Meenal Arora is the Executive Director of SHEMROCK Preschools & Founder Director of SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools – one of India’s leading education groups, which manages over 425 Senior Schools & Preschools across India and Abroad. As Head of the school curricular division, Mrs. Arora’s responsibilities extend to designing, innovating and developing educational systems. An enthusiastic writer as well, she has been consistently providing articles on parenting and many more topics related to children, which are regularly published in some of the leading newspapers and monthly magazines like Responsible Parenting, Parent’s India, Curriculum, Child, Grehlakshmi, Grehshobha, Bindiya etc. She is also on the advisory panel of Parent’s India Magazine - one of the country’s leading magazine.

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