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How to start a school? Procedure to Start a School

How to start a school? Procedure to Start a School

Gone are the times when the basic necessities of man were limited to food, shelter and clothing. With the changing times, education stands forth as the basic need. We cannot ignore the importance of education, as it is essential for overall development of people, which in turn is required for the betterment of the nation. Hence, it is important and the basic necessity of every child to acquire 12 years of formal education. The foundation for formal education is laid down at institutions such as Montessori schools, preschools, kindergartens, where small children learn through play. Such schools focus on early childhood education and also encourage the physical, mental, social and emotional development of children, for they are the ones who will be taking our country a step forward. The increasing importance of early childhood education has brought up the demand for more and more playschools, kindergartens and Montessori schools in India. Today, you can find such schools in all the major cities of the country. So, starting a school of your own is not only a profitable venture, but also a respectable profession. In case you are also interested to enter into the education sector, read the easy tips to start a school, given below:

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How to start a school?

  • Making an estimate of the investment is the first important thing to keep in mind while starting a school. If you want to start a playschool, then get a rough idea about the calculation by contacting anyone who is already running such a school. Your budget should accommodate the land requirement, school set up and infrastructure, curriculum, transport facilities etc. Typically, the budget required for starting a playschool may range from Rs 6 Lakh onwards.
  • Selecting an appropriate location for your school will be the next step. The land can either be leased or your personal property. Commercial areas and areas with heavy traffic should be avoided, because children require a congenial environment to learn while they play.
  • Now, depending upon the space available and the budget, design the plan of your school. The ambience of your school should be very serene and colorful. Also include lots of toys, rides and swings for the children. The play and the learning equipment should be chosen with great care, as health and safety of the children is of utmost importance.
  • Next, you need to design the curriculum for your school. For this, you can consult other play schools or experts who can design a curriculum for your school based on your requirements. Along with the curriculum, you also need to prepare a number of receipts namely enquiry form, admission form, fee collection receipts, report cards etc.
  • The next big step after you are done with the setting up of the school is to market your school. Marketing is important as a school is known by its brand name. You can promote your school’s name through advertising in the newspapers, local TV channels and conducting events such as Baby Show.
  • Lastly, a quality staff must be appointed and arrangements must be made for their training. The teachers appointed should be highly qualified and should also have the aptitude to deal with small children.

Opening your own school gives a freedom to work in your own way, but at the same time, the entire procedure to start a school lays a burden of responsibility on you. So, the best way to start your own school without indulging yourself in this complicated procedure is to become a franchisee of a reputed brand. SHEMROCK, being the first Preschool Chain in India, offers fruitful franchise opportunities for those who want to step into the education sector and contribute their bit to the society. So, be a part of the SHEMROCK family by filling the Enquire for School Franchise form.

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