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How to Start a Preschool in India? Learn the Secrets Here.

How to Start a Preschool in India? Learn the Secrets Here.

Establishing a preschool in a country like India is a challenge in itself. With the growing demand for quality education, there is stiff competition in this sector. Hence, it becomes imperative on part of the prospective entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in this field, to take care of the minutest details, including location, capital required and recruitment of staff etc. So, here we will discuss how to start a preschool in India.

  • Planning

Make a thorough research about the regions where preschools are flourishing in the country. This will give you an idea regarding where to invest.

  • Financing

Next, develop a budget comprising of the set-up cost, infrastructural and promotional expenditures. In order to start a preschool in India, the capital required ranges from Rs. 5-7 lakhs, depending upon the location.

  • Location

Now, you need to choose the location wisely to start a preschool in India. Ensure that the location selected should promote active learning. Residential areas are the best option to open a playschool, as such areas provide easy access to transport facilities.

  • Construction

When the location is finalised, start with the construction of your preschool building. Include the basic facilities like classrooms, playground and activity area in your building’s layout.

  • Promotional strategies

After the building of your preschool is constructed and you are ready to start the operations, work upon how to promote your school’s brand name. Advertising through flyers, banners and hoardings in residential areas will certainly call for enquiries from the prospective parents.

  • Appoint the staff

Once you have gained enough publicity, start the recruitment process. Hire experienced teaching and non-teaching staff.

Undoubtedly, starting a preschool in India is a lucrative option to invest in, but it is a time-consuming process. So, if you think that taking a franchise is better than starting your own preschool in India, then come and be a part of SHEMROCK, India’s first chain of preschools that has over 285  branches in India and abroad. SHEMROCK as a franchisor offers you with technical support and also assist you in promotional activities to market your playschool.



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