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How to Start a Nursery School? How to set-up Nursery School?

How to Start a Nursery School?

Early childhood is an important phase in the life of every child, where they need quality personal care and positive learning experiences as this lays the foundation for their future success. This stage of life marks the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and social growth of the child. The early education begins as soon as a child enters the nursery school or kindergarten school. Owing to the increasing importance of preschools many people are starting such schools in their own locality. Starting a school is not only a way of imparting educational service, but also a fruitful venture.

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The following steps will give you a brief idea of how to open a nursery school.

  • To begin with, you need to set up a budget. To start a nursery school, you would require a budget of around Rs 6 lakhs. This budget would be decisive of the land, the infrastructure and the school equipments.
  • The next step is to acquire a land which should be spacious enough to accommodate all the requirements of a play school. This land can be your own property or leased, with a minimum 5 years of rental agreement. However, keep in mind that the location should be free from traffic preferably in a pollution free residential colony.
  • Further, ensure that the empty space is structured into rooms. You can plan a layout as per the requirements of your school and build the interior as per the rooms required. Make your play school colourful and buy lots of toys and rides. Further, make sure that the equipments you select for your school are nontoxic and safe for the children.
  • Marketing is an important factor in setting up a new school. So, adopt for various ways by which you can promote your school and get more admissions. Some of the best ways to promote your school are:
  1. Advertisements on local TV channels
  2. Online promotion using the internet
  3. Newspapers
  4. Conducting events
  5. Mouth to mouth publicity
  • The final step is to recruit the administrative staff and the teachers, as they are the ones who represent the school to the parents. Ensure that you recruit qualified teachers and they should have a degree with an experience in handling the preschool children.

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