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How to Start a New School? How to Open a New School?

How to Start a New School? How to Open a New School?

Children in their early years are extremely inquisitive and have a desire to explore the world around them. The innumerable questions asked by them cannot be ignored or left unanswered. This natural curiosity needs to be channeled in the right direction. Remember, early learning begets later learning. To serve the purpose, preschools, Montessori schools and nursery schools make an effort to impart stress-free learning wherein the child can learn in a playful manner. Often the working parents who don’t get much time to take care of their children depend upon these play schools, as such schools offer an environment where their children are taken care of and nurtured just as in homes. To meet the society’s increasing demands for a better future for children, a considerable number of play schools and nursery schools have been opened in almost every corner of the country. Hence, you can also start a nursery school on your own. However, the process to start new school is not as easy as it seems. You need to go through a step by step procedure. So, read through the tips given below:

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  • Develop a budget – One of the most important tasks while opening any business is setting up the budget. Your budget will be decisive of all the minimum requirements, namely, the location and the building cost, play school set-up cost, curriculum, marketing and promotion cost, hiring a staff and so on. Typically, a budget of around Rs 6 lakhs would be required to open a new school.
  • Finding location – After deciding the budget, you need to find an appropriate location where you want to set up the school. A pollution free residential area with ample space and a serene neighbourhood is preferable.
  • Develop facilities – The physical space should be designed so as to accommodate all the basic facilities that include furnished classrooms, art room, play area for rides, bathroom facilities, swimming pool, garden etc. Next, you need to purchase the school furniture (which should be chosen keeping health and safety in mind), play equipments that include rides, toys and also puzzles, blocks, towers, spindle boxes for the activity room. Stationery items, projector, interactive CDs and uniforms are also few essential things.
  • Create a curriculum – A good quality curriculum is the core of any educational institution. The curriculum developed should encourage the child to learn while playing. So, interactive teaching methods that involve active participation of children should be adopted.
  • Market your school – The next big step is to publicize your school through high impact branding and marketing strategies that will attract the number and kind of students you want to enroll. Promotion can also be done by conducting seminars and presentations.
  • Choose staff members – The quality of the school is determined by its staff. So, teachers who are compassionate with children and passionate about education should be hired. Apart from the teachers, the administrative staff, counselling staff and department heads should also be recruited.

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