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How to start a Montessori School

How to start a Montessori School

Quality education during the early years of life is crucial for children, as it contributes to their overall personality development. Parents have acknowledged this importance of quality education and that is why they are now focusing on choosing the best school for their children. Many parents are now looking for the best Montessori schools for the early childhood education of their children. Like play schools, Montessori schools too, focus on independent & practical learning of children wherein they learn concepts by doing activities that are fun and interesting for them. This is the reason why more and more parents are showing interest to enrol their children in Montessori schools, as such institutions enhance their children’s cognitive, language and social development. This in turn is giving way to the increasing demand of Montessori schools. Therefore, opening a Montessori school is a wise decision for those edupreneurs who want to enter into the education industry. If you want to start a Montessori school of your own, follow the procedure given below:

  • The first thing required to start a Montessori school is to arrange the budget required for the venture. An investment of around Rs 6-7 lakhs is essential to start your school.
  • The next requisite is an appropriate land for your Montessori school. You can decide between lease or purchase options for your school’s location. Keep in mind that your school should be located in a safe environment, free from pollution.
  • Now, prepare a design for the school’s building. Make sure that the school building design meets all the safety standards.
  • Thereafter, avail legal permit from the respective authority, municipality to start your Montessori school.
  • Next, make sure that your school includes all the required facilities, including spacious classrooms, play area, bathroom facilities, a garden area, activity room, audio visual room etc. Also, equip your Montessori school with child-friendly furniture, toys, games, rides and good books for the children. A play area outside the building in school premises is also required.
  • Now, hire competent teaching and non-teaching staff. For this purpose, you may ask for the support of recruitment consultants, which will make the selection process easier.
  • The last important task is to promote and advertise your Montessori school in your locality, through various means of publicity, such as banners, hoardings, advertisements through newspapers and local TV channels.

The above mentioned steps will surely guide you to start your Montessori school. However, if you think that the entire process of starting a Montessori school on your own is a big endeavour financially, then you may opt for a franchise. Nowadays, there are many successful brands in the field of education sector of India, which offer franchising opportunities to the aspiring edupreneurs. SHEMROCK Group of Preschools is one of the leading pioneers in the childhood education, which provides with playschool franchise opportunities. So, if you want to buy a franchise of this renowned school chain, click on the Enquire for School Franchise form to get started.