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How to Set-up a School? How to Set-up a School?

How to set-up a School? How to Setting up a School Franchise?

The demand of schools in India is increasing because these days, parents are more concerned about the schooling of their children. Hence, quality education is the need of the hour. Due to lesser number of quality schools run by government, educated parents are more dependent on private and public schools. So, this dependency has made education sector a highly competitive business. Owing, to this reason, many people are coming forward to invest their time and money in setting up a school.

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So, if you planning to start this venture, go through some important guidelines given below, set by various education boards to set-up a school:

  • According to the norms set by education boards, the land you have selected for your school must be 2 acres or at least 1 acre for metropolitan cities having population more than 25 lakh.
  • “No Objection Certificate’’ is an essentiality certificate. The state Department of Education (DoE) issues this certificate after examining the neighbourhood school in your chosen area. It certifies the need of school in that particular area where you want to set-up a school.
  • Your school’s governing body should be of non- proprietary character. For this, you can form a Society/Trust registered under Societies Registration Act (1860) or Indian Trust Act (1882), respectively.
  • The school authorities should be financially strong, as setting up a school requires a large amount of investment. It involves salaries to the staff as per government rules, teaching aids, LCDs, advertising costs etc.
  • Your school should have proper sanitary conditions, clean drinking water and it must be fire-proof as prescribed by Municipal Authority of your area. There should be proper provisions for safety of students like proper railings, safe staircase, strong infrastructure etc.
  • Your school should have safe and durable furniture, necessary office equipments, science lab, home science lab, computer lab and other learning areas. There should be provision of technical and vocational teaching in your school. Further, having a library with minimum 1500 books is a mandatory requirement setup a school.
  • The State Department of Education has certain rules, according to which the schools decide the fee charged by students. The fee charged should be according to the facilities provided by your school.
  • The most important thing before setting up a school is to get recognition for your school without which your school cannot be launched. It is a pre-requisite to get affiliation from the concerned board. Without recognition and affiliation, your school can never be considered to provide quality education.

These are some basic rules to set up your school. If you fulfill these basic conditions, you can achieve success swiftly in this sector. However, it is a complex process and it involves certain steps to start this venture. Hence, it is beneficial to take school franchise provided by established brand of schools.

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