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How to Open Pre-School in Karnataka?

How to Open Pre-School in Karnataka?

Over the years, pre-school education in India has become essential for giving rock-solid foundation to small children. The curriculum of Kindergarten, Montessori schools and Pre-schools are designed in such a way that the children learn while they play. This learning through play-way method ensures effective learning as well as development in the personality of the children. In such educational institutions, the required life skills are imparted to them, so that they become responsible citizens of the future. Owing to this reason, many people who want to establish their names and want to earn profits in the education sector are coming up with the idea of starting their own play schools.
If you want to open a pre-school in Karnataka, then go through the following steps and get some surefire tips for starting a play school in Karnataka:

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Starting Play School in Karnataka

  • The first and foremost thing to do, while you plan to open your own playschool in Karnataka, is to decide upon the budget. Typically, one would require capital investment ranging from 6 lakh, to start a Kindergarten, Montessori school or pre-school anywhere in Karnataka.
  • Next, the land required for a play school should be properly sanctioned by the authorities concerned. This applies to starting a play school anywhere in Karnataka, including Bengaluru, Mysore, Bijapur, Bidar, Hassan, Gulbarga, Kodagu or any other city in the state. You can opt for a leased land, with rental agreement fixed for at least 3 years, or property of your own. The play school should have lush green surroundings, free from noise and air pollution. This will assist the children in learning effectively.
  • The basic infrastructure required for a play school includes a recreational/children’s activity area, playground, toys and rides. Therefore, while purchasing the required supplies, ensure that the equipment is child-friendly.
  • A play school/pre-school, Kindergarten or Montessori school should be well administered and consist of dedicated and qualified teachers. So, hire professionals and teachers who have aptitude for providing educational service to small children.

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