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How to Open a School in India? How to Start a School in India?

How to Open a School in India?

In today’s competitive world, education is one of the most substantial factors for a country’s growth and development. So, to ensure a consistent progress, quality education is very important. This is because, what a child learns during her early stages of life plays a valuable role in the development of her brain. Although children learn their first lessons at home, parents must also understand the importance of sending their children to a preschool, because such schools not only focus on the their education, but also contribute to their physical, emotional and social development.

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Due to the growing importance of preschools in India, many people are opening their own play schools and kindergartens. Moreover, opening a school is a profitable venture and also earns you respect in the society. In case you want to start a school in India, go through the easy steps given below:

How to Start a School in India?

  • The first step to start any kind of business is to make an estimate of the capital investment. To open a school in India, a budget ranging Rs 6 lakh onwards will be required.
  • Once the budget is decided, the next essential step is to acquire a land which should be preferably located in the residential area free from pollution and having lush green surroundings. The land chosen should be spacious enough to accommodate school furniture, play equipments and rides for children. Thus, a minimum of 2,000 sq. ft. of land would be sufficient.
  • After the construction of the school is done, the most crucial step is to promote your school through advertisements and marketing campaigns which could be quite expensive.
  • The curriculum of the school plays an important role in boosting up its standards to great heights. So the curriculum adopted must be such that it ensures a stress free learning.
  • The success of the school largely depends upon the people running it. So, last but not the least, hiring of qualified and responsible professional is very essential. You also need to hire aspiring teachers who have successfully completed the NTT course and have a passion for being with children.

Starting a school in India on your own might be a little troublesome. So, the simplest way out is to own a franchise of a renowned brand. By doing so, you can automatically get attention from the people. SHEMROCK is one of the oldest and well established Preschools Chains in India as well as Abroad. SHEMROCK provides a fruitful opportunity for those who are willing to work in the education sector. So, join hands with SHEMROCK and open a school in India with ease. To start with, click on the Enquire for School Franchise form.

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