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How to Open a Primary School? Open a Primary School Franchise

How to Open a Primary School? Open a Primary School Franchise

The Indian education sector is growing at fast pace and elementary education is a primary concern these days. Also, the Right to Education (RTE) Act has increased the demands of schools in India as it aims to provide compulsory elementary education to all. It serves as a motivational factor for entrepreneurs to invest in this sector. It is a fruitful enterprise and it also promotes the social cause of education. Moreover, it is better to start with primary school first and upgrade it step-wise. If you wish to start a primary school, read the procedure given below:

1. Create a Blue Print Prepare a business plan or blue print to open your primary school. Plan the location, faculty, teaching subjects so that you can get the clear picture of your future school.

2. Develop a budget Next and important step is to arrange funds for the capital investment. Opening a primary school anywhere in India requires minimum investment of Rs.10 Lakhs. Hence, carefully plan your budget distribution for building your school, making furniture, recruiting the staff, advertising etc.

3. Form a Trust or Society Although, primary schools can be opened within own proprietorship, it is better to form a Trust/Society to prove the non-profit motive of your primary school. So, after arranging funds for your school, you need to form a management committee to administer your school. Register your Trust under Indian Trusts Act (1882) or your Society under Societies Recognition Act (1860).

4. Find a suitable land Once you have formed your Trust/Society, start finding appropriate location for your school. Primary school should be spread across 6,000 sq.ft. to 7,000 sq.ft. area. Further, obtain NOC from your state Department of Education, buy your selected land and start construction work. 

5. Apply for recognition When your school is ready and all the construction work has been finished, the next step is to get your school recognized. Your state’s Municipal Corporation Authority, is the authority concerned for giving recognition to primary schools. So, apply on time and get recognition as soon as possible.

6. Recruit Staff Once you have received your certificate of recognition, start interviewing candidates and select qualified teaching and non-teaching staff such as subject experts, admission executive, accounts executive etc.

7. Launch your school After hiring qualified staff, plan marketing strategies to promote your school through various means of media. Introduce your school in neighbourhood through banners, hoardings, pamphlets etc. This will help you get admissions in your school. The above procedure guides you to start your own primary school and helps you to run it successfully. However, the increased demand of quality education has led many people follow the popular trend of school franchising. Starting your school under the name of a known brand is a good way to get recognition in the society. It helps you incorporate tested measures of imparting quality education in your school. Further, it saves your struggle as a new entrant in the education sector and it helps you to emerge as a renowned brand. So, start your primary school by taking school franchise.



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