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How to open a play-way school?

How to open a play way school?

Parents, especially those who are working, are nowadays resorting to playschools where they can leave their small children in a safe and secure environment. Such schools not only take care of the children, but also impart the basic values of life through “playway method”, which serves as the foundation of formal school education. This indicates that going to play school is very important for growing children. Playway schools are important not only for parents and their children, but are also a fruitful venture for aspiring edupreneurs. This is because on one hand, by sending children to playway schools, parents get the assurance that their children will grow in a congenial environment, where they will be prepared for formal school. On the other hand, by opening play-way schools, edupreneurs can enjoy a high degree of satisfaction of working towards providing the foundation of education for small children. Moreover, edupreneurs can earn huge profits, as the demand for quality preschools is increasing day by day. So, if you are planning to open a play-way school such as Montessori school, preschool or Kindergarten in your locality, follow the simple steps given below:

Steps for opening a play-way school:

  • The first step for opening a playway school is to plan your investment. Typically, you will require Rs 7-8 lakhs to open a playway school in India. The budget may include location & building cost, cost of infrastructure & equipment, marketing & promotion cost etc.
  • Now, decide from where you want to collect the funds – whether you want to take loan from banks/private financers or resort to any other method. After you have decided upon the method for getting the capital investment, proceed to the next step.
  • The next step is to choose a suitable location for your playway school. While choosing the location, keep in mind that you are going to open an institution for very small children. Therefore, make sure that the location has lush-green environment and is easily accessible via the popular modes of transport prevalent in the locality. Playway schools are generally set up in residential colonies. So, choose a residential colony where there is a need for playway school.
  • After you have decided upon the location, acquire the land required to start your playway school. You will require at least 5,000 sq.ft. of land for your school, which can be either leased or a property of your own.
  • Once you have acquired the land, start making the design for your playway school. You may approach a professional architect to get the blueprint of your school designed. While getting the design done, make sure that your school consists of spacious classrooms, activity room etc., with proper cross-ventilation & adequate light. Also, ensure that there is enough space for the playground to install rides & swings for children to play. Once the blueprint is ready, start the construction of your playway school.
  • Further, start with the construction, followed by painting of exteriors and interiors of the school. Choose pastel colour for the exteriors and opt for bright & attractive colours for the interiors. Also, get walls decorated with mirage work or images of the popular cartoon characters. For this, hire a professional artist who can paint the characters flawlessly.
  • Next, buy the equipment required for the play area and the furniture required for the activity rooms. Make sure that the equipment and furniture are child-friendly. After this, arrange for water & electricity supply. Once this is done, secure your playway school’s building with fire-safety equipment, such as extinguishers.
  • After you are ready to start your playway school’s operations, announce the launch of your school. For this, opt for the most cost-effective methods of advertising and promotions, which are best suited to get the maximum publicity in your locality. This may include distributing flyers & handbills to the prospective parents residing near your school. You may also place print ads in local newspapers & magazines.
  • The next step is to hire competent teachers and qualified non-teaching staff, who have the required aptitude to work for the education of small children.
  • Lastly, open your school for admissions, by organising a launch event. Invite a known public figure for the inaugural ceremony. If you have enough budget to arrange for gifts, you may call upon the local media to get press coverage of the event. This will help you to attract admission enquiries.

So, use the above tips and start a playway school anywhere in India. However, if you feel that opening a playway school on your own is a tiresome and complicated task, then consider entering into the education industry through some other method. One such way to earn huge profits and at the same time, get recognition in the education industry, is taking franchise from a renowned franchisor. SHEMROCK Group of Preschools is an established name in the preschool segment. The Group offers lucrative franchise opportunities to enthusiastic edupreneurs. So, if you want to get associated with SHEMROCK and open a play-way school franchise, then click on the tab Enquire for School Franchise form.