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How to Open a Playgroup School in India?

How to Open a Playgroup School in India?

The early years of childhood play a crucial role in shaping the lives of small children. At such a tender age, children learn what they see around them and it is here that playschools have managed to reach up to the parents’ expectations. Due to this reason, there is a never-ending demand for reputed and well-established playschools in the country. Therefore, this unending demand for schools has attracted more and more people to come forward to start a venture. Hence, in case you want to learn how to open a playgroup school in India, go through the procedure given below:

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    • Firstly, decide upon the budget. To open a preschool anywhere in India, the ideal amount of investment is Rs. 5-6 lakhs. However, the amount may vary depending upon the location you select.
    • Next, select a location and acquire a minimum land area of 5,000 sq. ft. The land could either be your own property or it could be leased (with a rental agreement for minimum 5 years) Further, make sure that the location is easily accessible.
    • Once you have finalised the location, the next step is to design the infrastructural layout of the school building. For this, you can consult an interior designer who will help you to design the school building in a child-friendly manner. For instance, the walls should have bright colourful pictures and there should be a fully equipped activity area. Besides this, there should also be a garden area with sufficient rides and swings.
    • Next, recruit well-qualified and experienced staff for your playgroup school. Make sure that the candidates you choose are determined to work for this noble profession.
    • The most critical step before starting with the playschool operations, is to launch your brand name. For this, publicize your playgroup school through cost-effective marketing strategies and promotional activities, such as through advertising in newspapers and magazines, putting up banners and hoardings etc.
    • Now, your school is ready to start its operations. So, start the admission process.

Opening a school in India can be lengthy as well as costly. So, owning a franchise is indeed an intelligent decision for someone who wants to open a school in India. SHEMROCK Chain of Preschools, being one of the pioneers in the field of education, gives an opportunity to be a part of SHEMROCK family by providing successful franchise to aspiring entrepreneurs. So, fill the Franchise Application Form given below and get associated to SHEMROCK Preschools.


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