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How to Get a Franchise for Kids School?

Early childhood education is very important for consistent progress in children’s growth & development. This is because, the learning & experiences during the early years of life, plays an important role in laying a strong foundation for their future. Seeing this, nowadays parents are also realising the importance of enrolling their children in a playschool. This has led to a steep increase in the number of kids school in every locality, as more and more people are coming forward to start their own preschool. Also, to cater to the unending demand, many school chains have adopted the path of franchising to expand their network of preschools.

Moreover, getting a franchise for kids school is an excellent choice as compared to starting a school on your own. In case, you also want to buy a franchise for kids school, you need to follow the simple step-by-step procedure to given below:

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    • Firstly, get the franchise application form of the school with which you want to get associated. Next, fill the form with appropriate details and submit it to the school management. Along with this, also pay a part of the franchise fee as prescribed by the school authority.
    • After this, find a suitable land, preferably in a residential colony where you can start the school easily. Make sure that the land you choose is spread over an area ranging between 5,000-6,000 sq. ft. Next, get this land approved from the franchisor and design a layout of the school building.
    • Once the franchisor approves the land and the blueprint of the school, pay the remaining franchise fee and start with the construction.
    • After the completion of the construction, sign the franchise agreement which certifies that you agree to adhere to the norms & standards set by the franchising school.
    • After signing the franchise agreement, start with the interior decoration of the school. Make sure that the walls of the classrooms are painted in vibrant colours, so as to stimulate an active learning environment. Further, ensure that the equipment and furniture you buy for your preschool is safe, durable and appropriate for small children.
    • Next, seek support from the franchising school in the process of hiring staff for your preschool. The franchisor will help you to interview potential candidates and recruit a well-trained staff.
    • Lastly, publicize your school in your locality. For this, seek assistance from the school management, who will further provide you with the necessary marketing material.

The above-mentioned procedure may vary for different schools. If you are searching for the best franchise option for kids school, resort to SHEMROCK Preschools. It is India’s No. 1 Chain of Preschools which has spread its branches not only in India but also outside India. The school provides exclusive franchise opportunities to people who want to start their own kids school. So, become a member of SHEMROCK family by filling the ‘Enquire for School Franchise form’.

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