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How to Establish a School? How to Establish a Preschool?

How to Establish a School?

In India, every year a large number of children seek admission in schools which explains that quality education is the need of the hour. However, the present number of schools is not enough to meet this increasing demand. Seeing the current growth of this sector and the need for quality education, many young entrepreneurs are showing their interest in establishing their own school. Moreover, starting a school is a profitable venture. If you are planning to establish a school, go through the step-wise procedure given below.

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  • Planning – Before starting your school, formulate a business plan about your venture. Do a thorough research on schools and find out what are essential requirements to establish a new school. Further, decide number of grades up to which you want to start your school. This plan will give you a clear vision about your upcoming school.
  • Financing –The next step is to secure funds required to establish your school. The budget required for your school primarily depends on the type of your school i.e. a primary, play school or secondary school. For opening a primary school you require Rs.10-15 lakhs and for higher school you need Rs. 2 crores to Rs. 3 crores. You will require money for later stages also, like paying salaries to the staff, buying furniture, arranging teaching aids etc.
  • Making a Society/Trust – The next step is to formulate a governing body to run your school. You may form a Society or Trust of 5-6 members including Chairperson, President and Secretary etc. Register your Society/Trust under the Societies Registration Act (1860) or the Indian Trust Act (1882) then you can assign work to each member.
  • Searching Location – Finding a suitable land and location for your school is as essential as providing quality education to learners. So, find a suitable location after forming a Society/Trust to start your school. According to standard norms of education boards, at least 2 acre land is required except hilly areas and metropolitan cities, where a school can be established on 1 acre of land.
  • Obtaining NOC – After selecting land, an Essentiality Certificate i.e. No Objection Certificate (NOC) is necessary to obtain for starting the construction of school on your chosen site. The State Department of Education (DoE) issues this certificate after contemplating the actual need of a new school in that particular area. You can buy your selected land on reduced rates from the land owing authorities.
  • Designing – After buying land, start constructing your school. You may also hire an architect for the school’s building. It is essential to design the school according to the norms laid down by government. The school should be constructed at a part of land and a big playground at the remaining land. Further, there should be spacious classrooms with at least 1 sq.ft. space for every student, proper safety measures like railings along the staircase, fire extinguishers in case of emergency, activity area, a library, computer lab etc.
  • Appointing Staff – Once the construction part is over and your school is ready, start interviewing candidates for hiring experienced teaching staff for your school. Non-teaching staff is also important for smooth administration of school, so appoint helpers, clerks, account executives etc.
  • Launching Your School – Once your school is ready to launch, start promoting it. Give newspaper and cable-TV ad, display banners and hoardings in nearby areas; create your website for answering admission queries etc. Further, plan an event for children and their parents at inauguration day to attract them.

These are some basic steps outlining the procedure to establish your own school. Though, establishing a school is a fruitful venture, it is a time-consuming and complex task, involving many legal formalities such as obtaining licenses, raising funds etc. If all these seem to be a lengthy and difficult procedure to you, consider taking a school franchise to reduce the investment for establishing a new school. Moreover, starting a school under a renowned brand helps you attract admissions and also helps you earn respect & recognition for your school. So, come and join hands with India’s leading Preschool Chain-SHEMROCK and avail the benefits of our Franchise Opportunity to establish your own school.

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