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April Fool’s Day Fun with Preschoolers

April Fool’s Day is a very special occasion which is full of fun and joy for both kids as well as elders. This day is considered totally ‘legal’ for playing pranks on others. Whether they are elders or youngsters, you can now play pranks on everyone and of all kinds, depending upon the comfort level. Teachers and parents can also play some cute pranks with their preschools and try to make it a day filled with fun for them too.

Playschool teachers can prepare some harmless pranks for them so as to surprise the preschool children when they come to school on April 1st.

  • The teacher can stick some coins on the ground or a table. Later, she can casually ask a kid to bring the coin to her. The kid will try hard but it won’t come off. Many kids can be sent at the same time. This will be a fun time activity for the kids.
  • Another way for teachers is to make noticeable changes in the play area or classroom for the preschool kids. They can be then asked to list the changes made.
  • Place some articles upside down. Then ask children to correct their position. This movement and action will certainly make the children really happy.

Parents too can make the April Fool’s Day funny for their kids by playing pranks on them.

  • Mothers can cook something very weird for them and forcefully make them taste. Once they do so, they will love it and ask for more.
  • Prank sweets are available in the market which has harmless edible ink in them. Once the kids eat them, their mouth will get coloured and this way the parents can have fun by playing pranks on their kids. 

Have a great fun-time on this April Fool’s Day and let it be a totally joyous time for one and all.



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