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Common Myths about Earthquake Safety

Bheem: “Friends, natural disasters like earthquakes can occur anytime. So, it is better to be prepared in advance!”

  • Jaggu: “Huh… I don’t have to prepare in advance since animals can sense natural disasters. I will sense the earth quake waves in time & go to some safe place.”
  • Raju: “But how will rest of us know about it? What will we do? …

Bheem: “No Jaggu… there is no scientific proof yet that animals can predict earthquakes. Even if they can sense some waves, it is only a few seconds before. So, Raju, all we can do is take some wise precautions.”

  • Dholu & Bholu are inside the house when shaking starts…

Dholu: “It’s an earthquake!”

Bholu: “What to do.. Where should we run?”

Bheem: “Never run during an earthquake as while running more people get injured because of slamming doors or broken glass. Instead, crawl to a safe place and cover your head & neck. Try to hold on to some sturdy & strong furniture.

Dholu: “Let us go further inside!”

Bholu: “yes yes yes

Bheem: “No! If you go towards the interior of the building, there is a greater chance that your exit route will be blocked.”

Raju: “I should roll under the bed!”

Bheem: “No! It is dangerous. You should rather stay where you are & protect your head with a pillow till the shaking stops.

Chutki: “I should better reach the (while pressing 0) ground floor!” (… Starts waiting to reach ground floor)

Bheem: “Never just wait after pressing the ground floor button. Instead press all the buttons and get out of the elevator on whatever floor it stops first.”

Chutki: “Now, I am out of the elevator, so I should use stairs!”

Bheem: “No! During a tremor, the stairs swing at a different speed from the main building and are more likely to get damaged.”

Indumati: “Oh! We should not stop the car!”

Raju: “No! We should leave the car and run out!

Bheem: “No! If you are driving a car when an earthquake occurs, you should stop your vehicle at the side of a road & keep clear for emergency vehicles. Also, you should stay inside the car and listen to the radio for any important information.

After the earthquake is over, avoid any routes with damaged flyovers, underpasses and buildings etc. while going back home,

Kalia: “I should scream. Otherwise, people won’t know where I am.”

Bheem: “if you are trapped, never scream or yell as you could inhale dangerous toxins in the surrounding because of damage. Try tapping on a wall or floor to call for help.

Dholu: “ohhhh… It’s so dark!”

Bholu: “Wait let me light a candle!”

Bheem: “Never light a candle after an earthquake. There may be some damaged gas pipelines which can catch fire. You can, instead, use a battery operated torch in the dark.”

Raju: “Phew! It has gone. It is time to move around and see if everything is ok.”

Bheem: “Do not move around inside your house immediately after the shaking has stopped as aftershocks can occur and they can cause additional damage. So, stay where you are, be alert and listen for any information on radio as sometimes TVs may not get any signals in such situations.”

Indumati: Let me tell my friends about the earthquake!

Bheem: No! Don’t make unnecessary calls after an earthquake as the phone lines may get jammed and people who need help may not be able to use them. Instead, make a call only if there’s an emergency!

Friends!! We express deep condolences for the several innocent lives lost in the Nepal earthquakes and pray for the speedy recovery those who are affected.

SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools presents this video in hope that no-one has to go through what our friends are going through in Nepal. Do share this video with your friends and family and keep them safe.



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