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Children’s Day popularly known as ‘Bal Diwas’.


Children are god’s gift and undoubtedly, they make our lives lively and cheerful. They give a reason to celebrate. Hence, an entire day is dedicated to celebrate the presence of children across the world. This day is knows as Children’s Day and marks the celebration of childhood. 14th November is a date which is identified as ‘Children’s Day’ across all parts of India that marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, First President of India. It was due to his kindness, love and affection towards children, his birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day.   In our native language, Hindi, Children’s Day is popularly known as ‘Bal Diwas’.

It is widely known that the prime reason behind choosing 14th November as Children’s Day was to celebrate the birth anniversary of Pandit Nehru. He showed keen interest in the development and welfare of children. Moreover, due to his sheer dedication and passion for work related to children, he gained popularity amongst them. Owing to this reason, he was fondly called ‘Chacha Nehru’ by them. Besides the reason mentioned above, another less known reason to choose 14th November as Children’s Day was that Pandit Nehru was considered to be a special child of India. He became the first Prime Minister of the Independent India. Hence, to honour this great eminent personality and recall his love for children, his birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day, all over India.

Pandit Nehru envisioned each child to be extra special and considered them to be the bright future of the nation. So, to spread the message and carry forward Nehru ji’s dream of educating all children of India, steps have been taken to provide good quality education and other basic amenities.

Traditional Celebrations

Children’s Day is a special occasion for every child because all possible efforts are made to make this day special and memorable for the children. In honour of this day, a lot of events take place throughout the country. Schools and other educational institutions organise various activities and competitions such as drawing, painting, story-telling, essay writing etc. for the children. Children dress up like Pandit Nehru and actively participate in various cultural programmes which are organised in many parts of the country.

How to celebrate Children’s Day at home?

    • Dress up your children in new clothes of their choice.
    • Pamper them on this special day by taking them for an outing, to a place they want to visit.
    • Arrange a small get together and invite your children’s friends over to celebrate this day.
    • Visit an orphanage and spend some quality time with other children.
    • Indulge in charitable activities like donating books, clothes, toys etc. during the day.
    • Take this day as an opportunity to educate the uneducated children.

Use these tips to make this day a special one for all the children and celebrate this occasion with fun and fervour.

Happy Children’s Day!!



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