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Childhood Games ideas for kids

Childhood Games

With the changing time, it has been observed that the children are not well-versed with the games played in the older times. Such outdoor games that were a part of their parents’ childhood can be revived rather must be brought to the knowledge of today’s children. Outdoor games shall help to bring back the same energy, vibrancy and the enthusiasm that is no more present after the advent of the video games and other computer games.

We give you the chance to play some of the once most famous games and the precise rules to play them as well:

A)   Handkerchief Game:

Material Required:A handkerchief or bandana

Objective of the game:Be the first to grab the handkerchief when your number is called.

How to play:

  1. Divide the number of players into two equal groups and assign/allot each a different number. (One player from each team should have the same number.)
  2. Line-up the teams on opposite sides and place a handkerchief in the middle.
  3. Randomly call out a number. The players from each team that have been assigned that number are supposed to run towards the handkerchief and try to be the first one to grab it.
  4. The player who grabs the handkerchief first wins that round of the game.

B)   Hopscotch:

Material Required: Chalk (coloured or even white would do), small stones or rocks for players to use as the markers and sidewalk.

Objective of the game: To move from the start square and back again.

Rules to play: The two basic rules to remember are that you only have one foot in each square and remember to hop over the square with the rock in it.

How to play:

  1. Draw a hopscotch game layout on a plane surface with chalk. Number the squares from 1-10 and let each player choose a rock as their marker.
  2. First player throws their rock onto the first square. They then hop over that square to the second square on one foot. On double squares, you must land with your feet side by side. Turn around and come back the same way only when you get to the square with your rock you must balance on one foot and pick up your rock.
  3. If completed with no mistakes then the player goes again and throws their rock to the square with number 2 written in it & likewise continues playing.
  4. Make sure that the player may not at any time step on a line, miss a square or lose the balance.
  5. If the player does any of the aforesaid things, then his/her turn is over.
  6. If while throwing the rock the player miss the right square or it lands touching a line, then he/she will lose the turn.




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