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Celebrate Grandparents Day with Shemrock

Celebrate Grandparents Day with Shemrock on 12th September 2009…

We all love our grandparents…don’t we?? Yes we do. Grandparents are special people in our lives. They are the ones who teach us how to walk, how to eat? They are the ones who tell us beautiful stories and poems.
Grandparents day is a day to celebrate and honour our dear grandparents for their love and sacrifice. It is a day when we can tell our grandparents that how special they are….
Shemrock is going to celebrate Grandparents Day on 12th September 2009 at its school premises. The programme will start at 10:30 a.m and will continue till 11:30 a.m. All the grandparents of Shemrockites are invited for the programme.
The grandparents day programme will begin with a small welcome song for the grandparents prepared by our little kids, following it the next item would be a poem dedicated on grandparents. After this there will be a special dance performance on “Dadi amma dadi amma maan jao” and “Nani teri morni ko more le gaye” by our little champs.
Apart from this, there are lots of fun-filled activities for the grandparents too like:

  • Story telling for the grandma’s
  • Grandpa’s jokes session
  • Ball dance etc.

And… and…there is a special surprise for the grandparents – a lucky dip sponsored by Club Mahindra which is worth Rs. 20,000.
Isn’t it exciting….??
We would like to wish all the grandpa’s and grandma’s….A very Happy Grandparents Day.



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