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April Fool’s Day 2015 – Funny Video about Playing Pranks


It’s April fool’s Day! And you are an April fool!”

“Hey Raju! Don’t get sad.

  • April fool’s is a day for celebrating light heartedness!
  • It is celebrated on the Ist of April.
  • On this day, people play pranks and tricks on their friends.

Do you know how it started?”


 “Let me tell you about it. It is believed that:

  • The April fool’s Day tradition began in France during the Sixteenth Century.
  • In 1582, during the rule of King Charles IX, Pope Gregory introduced a new calendar for people.
  • According to which the New Year’s Date shifted from April 1 to January 1.
  • But at that time, the means of communication were not very fast, co many people could not be informed about the new calendar.
  • As a result, these people continued to celebrate the New Year on the old date & therefore they were called April Fools.
  • Over the years, this practice evolved into an annual tradition of prank-playing and became popular in the entire world.

The most common April Fool’s traditional customs are:

  • In France and many other French-speaking places, the most common prank played is to stick a cardboard fish to the back of a person.
  • In UK, playing pranks is accepted till mid-day, after which anybody who plays a trick, is himself called the “April Fool”

Now you know that April fool’s day is actually a joyful celebration.



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