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5 Tips to Select the Best School for your Child

For all the parents seeking nursery admissions for their kids, the real battle has begun. The past few weeks were spent gathering details about good schools , seeking reviews about them, collecting information about their admission process and criteria. With new year, the parents are all geared up to select the best of all schools for their child. The Important factors to be kept in mind, while selecting the schools are-

  1. Distance- The school should be as close to the home as possible. Travelling long distances to school for small kids is not at all advisable. Longer distance means, the child will have to wake up early. Moreover, travelling longer distances to school will lead to more exertions for these small kids
  2. Infrastructure- The school which would be a second home for your child for next 14 years, should have all the necessary basic facilities. Parents should ensure that the school they are applying to has a decent playing field, adequate classrooms and a nurse on call to handle medical emergencies. Other things which a parent should look would be safe drinking water, computers, sports facilities. Expecting each school to have state-of the-art infrastructure would be asking for too much.
  3. Student-Teacher Ratio- Competent and Adequate no. of teachers are the strengths of a school. A healthy student-teacher ratio implies the students in the class receive adequate attention and are able to learn better. If there are too many children in the class, it becomes impossible for teacher to give individual attention.
  4. Homework Issues– Seek feedback from other parents about the homework policies and practices adopted by the schools. The school should not be overburdening the kids with lot of homework. The school should be striking a perfect balance between academics and co-curricular activities.
  5. Word-of-mouth- The feedback given by existing parents serve as a basis to select any school. Parents can  seek the feedback by making phone calls to the existing parents. Online forums have also emerged as a popular platform to discuss the issues and concerns which arise while taking the most important decision for their child