Admission Information

Playschool Admission Criteria
Playschool Admission is granted on the basis of the following criteria
a) First come first serve
b) The child should be of 2+ years

Documents Required
A Birth Certificate as a proof of age from a civic body is required at the time of registration.
Two passport sized photographs are to be submitted at the time of registration.

Playschool Admission Process
Playschool Admission process in SHEMROCK begins with counseling and completes on the receipt of admission fees and making the entry into the Record Register.

In the record, the groups are allocated based on age of the child, and the age eligibility criteria and date of admission.

Student Groups

Group Age
Shem Foundation(Play Group) 1½ years -2½ years
Shem Foundation Sr.(Nursery) 2½ + years
Shem Prep Jr.(LKG) 3½ + years
Shem Prep Sr..(UKG) 4½ + years

For more information such as the Playschool Admission fee structure etc., kindly visit the Shemrock Playschool branch near you.

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Looking for details of Delhi nursery admission 2023-24 online? How to get nursery admission 2023-24? Apply online? Get all details about Eligibility, Age Limit, Online Registration, and application form on, EwS dg for Delhi nursery admission 2023-24 Apply Now! Registration from December 1 to December 23 for admission to Delhi

You will get the details of the Procedure for Nursery Admissions in Delhi. Do Speak to the Headmistress of your Shemrock branch and she will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.


Department of Education (DoE), the Delhi education department of Delhi government, has issued the following Guidelines for Private Schools on the Selection Criteria for Nursery Admission for the year 2023-24. These rules will apply to offline and online applications for admissions in private schools in Delhi for the academic session 2023-24.

Do Speak to the Headmistress of your , and she will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Age Criteria for Delhi nursery admission 2023-24 for Online Registration

What is the Eligibility of Age limit (Age Criteria) for nursery admission for the 2023-24 session?

For the Nursery Class, the child's age criteria are three to the upper age limit of 4 years old (more than 3 years of age but less than 4 years)(as of March 31 2022). (In case of Physically Challenged or Challenged: Child should be less than 5 years)

For other Classes:

  • K.G.: 4-5 years as of March 31. Physically Challenged or Challenged: Less than 6 years
  • Class 1: 5-6 years as of March 31. Physically Challenged or Challenged: Less than 7 years.


Is there any provision for Age relaxation in the prescribed age limit for Delhi nursery school admission in 2023?

Many children can only apply for some years even if they miss the cutoff date by a single day! The rules are strict, but at the level of the head of the school (principal) may, at their discretion, give age relaxation for admission of up to 30 days on the upper and lower age limits. If your child is beyond the normal limits- please approach the school head of the school you are interested in applying to.

What are the critical dates (Important Dates)

Nursery Admission Delhi 2023-24 Important Dates:

  • Application Start Date: December 1 2022
  • The last Date to submit application forms: is December 23 2022
  • Upload details of students: January 6 2023
  • Uploading marks are given to each student: January 13 2023
  • The first list of selected students who get admission will be declared: on January 20 2023
  • Admission process and Resolution of queries: 20-21st January 2023
  • Second list of admission: February 6 2023
  • Admission process and Resolution of queries: 8-14th February 2023
  • Subsequent list: March 1 2023
  • Closure of the admission process: March 17 2023

Does REgistration for Delhi Nursery Admission 2023 start for schools in Delhi on December 1 2022, and end on December 23? The whole admissions will finish on March 2023?

Yes- that's correct.

What is the Last Date for Nursery Admissions in Delhi?

The registration process for the schools will continue till December 23 2022. The complete process of admissions will close on March 17 2023.


Procedure on admission 2023-24 Direct link to apply online- online form

What is the Procedure for Open seats for nursery admission in New Delhi?

  1. Go to the 
  2. Click on the "Delhi Nursery Admission 2023 Registration link." 
  3. On the registration form that appears:
  4. Enter all of the information asked for
  5. Upload the documents asked for
  6. Click submit!
  7. Remember to download the filled-up form and take printouts for future reference. 

How does the point system work for Delhi Nursery School Admission for the 2023-24 session to get on the first list?

There are a maximum of 100 points, and the child with the maximum points will be admitted. In case of a tie- there will be a lucky draw to determine who is selected.

The criteria listed by most Delhi schools for their Nursery Class Admissions are as follows:

1. Distance of the student from their residence to the school

Proximity to school will be the essential criterion for Nursery Admission 2023-24. Each school has a different way of allocating points based on distance. However, most schools have bifurcated points based on the distance of the candidate's residence to the school.

For example:

  • For distances up to 6 Km – 40 Points
  • 6 to 8 Km – 30 Points
  • More than 8 Km – 20 Points
  • Some schools have flat 40 points for a distance up to 15 Km and Zero Points for a distance over 15 Km. It depends on the school you are applying to.

Please note that the calculation of points based on the distance differs for different schools and is not fixed

2. Girl Child/Single Parent- Some schools offer points for a girl child candidate or a candidate with a single parent.

3. Sibling Quota- If a candidate's sibling (real brother or sister- not cousin) is studying in the same school in the current academic session, schools may allocate points to that candidate.

4. Transferred Defense or Paramilitary Employee- Some schools offer 5 to 10 points for parents in the Defense Sector. 

5. Parents being Alumni of the School- Points are allocated to a particular candidate whose parent(s) have been an alumnus of the same school (or school group). The points allocated may differ from school to school.

Please Note:There are no points for Parents' Educational Qualifications or Jobs.

From our experience, applicants who have a sibling currently enrolled at the institution or whose parent attended the school are almost assured of a seat for their child - so don't skip applying to such schools even if it is not your first preference.

How to apply online for Admission 2023-24 and get a notification for schools in Delhi?

Which Website is Delhi Nursery Online Form 2023-24 Available to apply online & the registration process? How to get the admission form/ application form for Delhi nursery school admission 2023-24?

Parents and children can open the official website of the Delhi directorate of education (D.O.E.)- to apply online for Nursery & Class 1st Admission 2023-24 Delhi. Children below six years old can submit online registration forms through the direct link. The Online Application Form starts on December 1 2022.


Parents can apply online on or portals like ezyschooling or uniapply

The registration process will continue till December 23 2022, and the complete nursery admission process will close on March 17 2023.


How to get admission 2023-24 apply online and get a notification. Preparation to apply for Delhi school admission 2023-24 apply online.

If a school asks, How do I write an application for admission to a nursery school? Tips for Delhi nursery admission 2023-24 apply online.

  1. Address your letter. 
  2. Use proper salutation. 
  3. Create a subject line. 
  4. Introduce yourself, your purpose and your interests. 
  5. Highlight your skills and achievements. 
  6. Reiterate your interest. 
  7. Thank the reviewer.

If a school asks for an interview - How do I prepare my child for the nursery admission process after online Registration and filling out the nursery admission form to schools in Delhi?

? Teach them Nursery rhymes.

? Teach them to listen carefully and follow instructions.

? Teach them good manners, such as wishing everyone, respecting others, and behaving well.

? Ask them basic questions, e.g.:-"What is your name?" or "What is your parent's name?" and teach them to answer confidently.

? Help your child to observe things and ask questions related to them. 

? Ask them to perform specific tasks such as identifying colours, asking about the shape of certain things etc.

? Ask open-ended questions so they can communicate to enhance their skill.

? Let them stay with trusted adults for a few hours to get comfortable with people other than parents who will help them during the interview.

? If possible, take your child to school before the interview day to make them connect with the place and get comfortable. 


What are the documents required for Delhi nursery admissions?

List of Documents to attach to the Delhi nursery admission form

Birth Certificate / Passport of the child

  • Please note that the child's name, D.O.B., parent's name, and attestation by the relevant authority should be visible and spelt correctly. The Municipal Corporation or an equivalent authority should issue it. The child's name with other relevant information such as Date of birth and parent's name should be there, and the Registrar of Birth should attest to it.
  • Residence proof of permanent and current addresses (Ration Card/ Voter ID-Card/ Utility Bill/ Rent Agreement/ Sale Deed/ Aadhaar Card should be acceptable. Schools generally do not accept rent agreements as proof of residence. However, some schools might accept a rent agreement as proof of residence if the rent agreement is older than 6 months. It is, however, advised to refrain from using a rent agreement as address proof. Sometimes Schools ask for a maximum of two residential proofs. Make sure that the address proof is in the name of either of the parents.
  • Photo ID proof of the parents (Aadhaar Card/Passport/Driving License/ Voter ID-Card) AND 
  • 4 Passport size photographs of the child and the parents.
  • 2 Passport-size photographs of the guardian (if applicable).
  • Vaccination Card/Medical Certificate of the child issued by a registered medical practitioner. The certificate should have Blood Group, Allergies (if any), Vaccination, etc. Before uploading, ensure no irrelevant background and the D.O.B., child's name and other details are visible.
  • Family Photo: a single photograph with the father, mother and child together. This photo should be at most 3 months.
  • Child's Aadhar Card: both front and back.
  • Father's/Guardian's (if applicable) Aadhar Card: both front and back.
  • 'Mothers/Guardian's (if applicable) Aadhar Card: front and back.
  • Religious Minority Documents: Keep a letter from the parish/ priest/ pastor ready if you are a Christian. A similar community certificate is required if you are from another religious minority.
  • Single Parent Proof: Death certificate issued by the authorities or a divorcee decree, whichever is applicable.
  • Sibling's I.D. card, Fee Receipt, Report Card etc.: For siblings studying in the same school.
  •  Alumnus Proof: Parents' mark sheets and pass certificates of 10th or 12th standard if applying for admission to the same school.
  • First Child Affidavit: To be secured from a nearby court if you want first child points.
  • Staff's latest ID Card: In case the applicant is a staff ward.
  • Proof of Transfer: In transfer cases, one must provide proof of transfer to Delhi Certificate/Transfer – order and joining report stating the Date of transfer and joining.

All the above documents should be cropped appropriately with no irrelevant background, clearly showing the address, name, birth year and Aadhar Card number. 


How To Apply Online For Nursery Admission 2023-24 Delhi on

Parents and children can open the official website to apply online for Nursery & Class 1st Admission 2023-24 Delhi. Children below six years old can submit online registration forms through the direct link. The Online Application Form starts on December 1 2022.

What is Management Quota, and can I get my child admitted under that by paying a Donation?

Many schools also set aside 20% of seats for a “Management Quota” that can be filled at the principal’s or headmaster’s whim. You may contact your contacts to see if your child can be admitted to this discretionary quota. Watch out for people who claim to get admission. Many such people are fly-by-night operators, or some of them who are stable take money, and if the child gets selected on their own - they claim credit and pocket the money; if the name doesn't come - they refund. Parents are advised to proceed with such consultants with "caution". If you are interested in a particular reason, don't hesitate to try and reach out to the school, sharing why your child and family will be an asset to the school. Do try it- You have nothing to lose!

EWS Category for Delhi nursery school admission 2023-24 EWS to Private schools of Delhi

What are the eligibility criteria for EWS Admission in Delhi in the Delhi nursery school admission 2023? How to apply under E.W.S. Category for Delhi nursery school admission 2023-24 E.W.S.?

For ews freeship admission- If the family's income is less than one lakh rupees per annum, they are eligible for the Delhi school under this Quota. In addition, BPL/AAY: BPL/AAY (Holders of Food Security Card/Ration Card) can apply under the E.W.S. category. You must submit an income certificate issued by the Revenue Department of Delhi for proof.


Applicants should apply for the freeship admission if they fall under a specific quota or are from a socioeconomically disadvantaged section. To apply, fill out the Nursery Admission Form 2023–24

  • Visit the Directorate of Education Portal
  • Home Page Click on E.W.S. Online Application Form Link.
  • In the new tab, Online Application Form. Now Make a Login after completing Registration.
  • Enter all the details asked in the Application Form.
  • Upload the Scanned Documents.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Do Take the printout of the filled Application Form.

You will receive a registration number, and selected candidates will be given the lottery. You can find the status of admittance and verify your allotment outcome.


Still, have Queries? Do Speak to the Headmistress of your Shemrock branch, and she will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.