About SHEMROCK Step Ahead

Research has demonstated that children who participate in high quality early childhood programmes are more successful throughout their school career, are more competent socially and emotionally and show better verbal, intellectual and physical development.

" Quality Education provided during early childhood between birth and age five, results its long lasting, beneficial effects on children's overall development i.e. congnitively, socially and physically".

Our Advantages:

Special Learning Areas - Activity Arcade, Concept Centre, Mini Zoo/Farm House, Doll House, Play House, Story Telling Corner, Mini Mall, Stage Area, Music and Dance, Resource Centre, Celebration Area, Child's Creativity Corner, Sand Pit, Water/Splash Pool, Swing & Slides etc. With the help of Special Learning Areas we provide make believe games, jumbles, jig saws, building blocks, painting, clay modeling, folding pasting etc. Role playing games help child in understanding peoples in different phases of life.

Curriculum - We, at SHEMROCK follows widely acclaimed world class system of education which embodies the right balance between guidance and freedom for the child. We provide carefully planned positive learning environment in which child grows and learn in natural way.

Child Protection, Safety and Well- being - Stringent health and safety standards, positive role modelling inclusion and mutual respect and understanding are fundamental practices found at Shemrock Step Ahead school.

Efforts to extend the learning continuum to the home - Research and experience shows that parental involvement is a key components to helping children learn better. As a result, both work in tandem which ensures that our Shemrockites are better understood and they recieve a healthy & positive environment both at school and at home.