About SHEMROCK Droplets

The Management of Shemrock Droplets comes from technical institutional back ground.    

Late Mr. Anil Kr Das established AUTOMOBILE & MOTOR TRAINING SCHOOL in year 1960 i.e. 54 years ago. He started to operate his business with one small office and with one small car . Hard work and commitment to meet the needs of the people proved to be a perfect technique for the company to grow. It's popularity continued to serve the people and it became a BRAND to be the best and No.1 Motor Driving School with a fleet of new high-tech cars, and 15 branches covering the whole of west Bengal.

SHEMROCKDroplets is an extraordinary school with a unique mission, that is, to Help Young Minds Grow in a harmonious environment, resulting in the all-round development of the child. Just as a gardener takes the responsibility of the seeds and lovingly waters it, manures it and helps it to blossom into bright flowers; similarly SHEMROCK Droplets will help these children to develop their full potential by nurturing them with proper inputs in a suitable environment.