SHEMROCK Parrot Admission

Do you want your little one to step ahead in the new phase of life? Well, if you are concerned about the admission of your child, don’t worry! You are not alone. At SHEMROCK PARROT, we understand how crucial it is for you and your child to get admission in a good preschool in Kolkata. Therefore, we have a simplified admission approach that promises to give your little darlings the best education. 
We value the time of parents. Here, at our school, we primarily aim to the educational aspirations of the children and parents in Kolkata. 

, is a new age playschool that is dedicated towards providing an environment where the children can develop their social, literacy, communication and creative skills in a chirpy and colourful learning environment. 
At SHEMROCK PARROTS, we run pre-primary classes categorised as ShemFoundation (Play Group), ShemFoundation Sr. (Nursery), ShemPrep Jr. (LKG) and ShemPrep Sr. (UKG). Given below is the age criterion of admission in these classes:
Group Age
ShemFoundation (Play Group) — 1 year 5 months+
ShemFoundation Sr. (Nursery) — 2 years+
ShemPrep Jr. (LKG) — 3 years +
ShemPrep Sr. (UKG) — 4 years+