Nursery registration fee should not be more than Rs 25

Nursery Registration Fee

Recently, the Directorate of Education (D0E) passed orders that nursery registration fee should not be more than Rs 25, but there are still many schools in the city that are charging separately for the form and prospectus. This joint fee, when put together is way above the norm which has been set by the DoE. There are a few schools which are giving their prospectus free of cost, but are charging a “processing fee” for the same. The fees charged are anywhere between Rs 200 – Rs 800 for a single school prospectus.

With parents applying in at least 10 schools to ensure that their child bags a seat, admission process this year seems to be a repeat of last year. Parents have actually chartered out a budget just to buy the admission forms. Parents belonging to the lower strata of the society do not have much choices left, just because of the high “processing fees’ charged by the schools. Making a mockery of the DoE’s directives, the admission process has begun in the city and the parents are again dancing to the tunes of the schools.

Taking this into consideration, there is a hue and cry in the public and the general opinion is that to prevent this, the directorate should immediately issue a public circular clarifying that the cost of admission form should not exceed Rs. 25. This cost should include the cost of prospectus, as contemplated in the DoE orders.

Also, to urge the Delhi Government to “rein in private schools”; the Delhi Abhibhavak Mahasangh will stage a dharna at Jantar Mantar on December 23.



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