About SHEMROCK Ariyan

SHEMROCK Ariyan, is a part of India’s largest growing school chain and is a name to reckon with. Being, one of the best playschools in India, the school offers a very colorful, vibrant and cheerful environment for the children, which makes learning fun and interactive. Love and warmth of our caring teachers are the key ingredients of SHEMROCK Ariyan. We also ensure to groom our children to become global citizens with regards for the Indian culture and values.

Having touched the lives of hundreds of children in Bangalore, SHEMROCK Ariyan has become a renowned name across India amongst all the playschools and pre-schools in the country. Children are naturally curious about their own world and are excited to learn about it. At SHEMROCK Ariyan, we know what it takes to create the leaders of tomorrow. Our teachers integrate the subject knowledge into a variety of active techniques suitable to the development stages of the children.

We extend a warm Welcome to you in our SHEMROCK Family!

SHEMROCK Ariyan is a preschool in Babusahebpalya (Horamavu), Bangalore. Started in the year 2014, by Suujeithra & Dhasaaradhan, they planned to start a service oriented play school after a very bad experience they had as parent on their Daughter from two other play schools (also Daycare) were they enrolled their daughter, the output of it took their daughter to surgery level,  by then both decided to start a play school, Mr.Dhasaaradhan being having 18 years of experience (12yrs of business experience) and Mrs. Suujeithra being a HR from a reputed Air-condition company, left business & resigned from Job respectively & started this play school to serve little to “ World of Little Hearts” and these little hearts be Ariyan’s (Rulers) of future India.

SHEMROCK Ariyan is a branch of SHEMROCK Chain of Preschools, which is the First Playschool Chain in India. The kindergarten school provides a very cheerful and colorful environment for the children, which paves the way for their joyful learning and development. The nursery school converts every day into wonderful learning experiences for the children, by infusing love and care into all the aspects of learning. SHEMROCK Ariyan makes sure that the children are given immense happiness, complete freedom and the required encouragement & guidance, so that their young minds grow and blossom in the fun environment of the preschool.


The right school for your child can make a major difference in her successful career. Today, before a child reaches the right age, parents feel stressed thinking about school admissions just because choosing the right school is the most challenging thing nowadays and even if they manage to select a few, getting admission to a good school is very difficult.

At SHEMROCK Ariyan, we primarily aim to cater to the educational aspirations of the children and parents in Bangalore. We are a new-age playschool having a strong belief in teaching our children the best, in order to create leaders for tomorrow through a vibrant and child-friendly system of learning.

At SHEMROCK Ariyan, we run pre-primary classes categorised as ShemFoundation (Play Group), ShemFoundation (Pre-Nursery), ShemPrep Junior/Nursery and ShemPrep Senior/Preparatory. Given below is the age criterion of admission in these classes:

Group Age

ShemFoundation (Play Group) — 1 year 8 months +

ShemFoundation (Pre-Nursery) — 2 year 8 months +

ShemPrep Junior (LKG) — 3 year 8 months +

ShemPrep Senior (UKG) — 4 year 8 months +

Documents Required for SHEMROCK Ariyan Admission:-

·         A Birth certificate as a proof of age from a civic body is required at the time of registration.

·         Two passport sized photographs are to be submitted at the time of registration.

SHEMROCK Ariyan Admission Process:-

·   Children who meet admission criteria are shortlisted and parents are informed in person or on phone.

·   The admission at SHEMROCK Ariyan play school starts with counseling of the parents.

·  The admission process completes on the receipt of admission fees and making the entry of the child into the Record Register.

Our Curriculum

At SHEMROCK Ariyan, we implement our in-house developed System of Education – ShemEduMAXTM that aims at providing an innovative curriculum, taught through engaging methods with personalised assessment in a conducive learning environment.

ShemEduMAXTM is an educational programme that has worked wonders since the years of its establishment. It has been developed after many years of in-depth research and firsthand teaching experience. This programme offers:

·   Conducive learning environment for children that promotes high quality learning

·  Innovative curriculum that is designed to make learning interesting, engaging & motivating through a system, which is comprehensive, practical and futuristic

·  Engaging teaching methods in which SHEMROCK teachers have all the support of ShemEduMAXTM system, added with regular teacher trainings and the use of technology

· Personalised assessment that offers instant & automatic scoring and teacher feedback on class interaction. The aim behind is to provide teachers with the evaluation information they need to help every student to succeed.

Designed by the award winning educationists of India, ShemEduMAXTM is a unique and powerful proprietary system that puts life and purpose into the school education at SHEMROCK Ariyan. The essence of ShemEduMAXTM represents -“Bringing School Education Alive”!


SHEMROCK Ariyan is designed to ensure an inviting, attractive and child-friendly environment for our SHEMROCKites. Our Special Learning Areas supplement the learning in the classrooms as children learn with hands-on experience, in a practical manner in these special areas.

·         Welcome Room – to settle the new Joinees

·         Ultra-modern Interactive Classrooms – to let the child sit, interact, learn & share

·         Activity Centre – to explain concepts in a play-way method

·         Resource Centre – to provide audio-visual tools for joyful learning

·         Computer / Robotic Room – to facilitate computer-aided learning resources

·         Music & Dance Room – to develop the child’s musical and rhythmic talent

·         Theatre Room – to boost the child’s confidence through stage exposure

·         Child’s Creative Corner – to enhance the child’s imaginative & creative skills

·         Celebration Room – to celebrate Birthdays, Festivals and other events

·         Ball Pool – to encourage the child to play with friends and learn to share & care

·         Indoor Play Area – to allow the child to play with interactive games & toys

·         Outdoor Play Area – to let the child enjoy the various swings & slides

·         Outdoor Play-Pen (outdoor facilities)


  Cycling track

  Jungle gym


  Mini train

  Sand pit

  Skating Rink


  Splash Pool



  Water pool

Events & Celebrations

At SHEMROCK Ariyan, we try to celebrate most national & regional festivals, special days and other occasions throughout the academic year, to help our children learn and appreciate different values, beliefs & cultures. The celebration of festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Baisakhi, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Dussehra, Gurupurab, Eid, etc. and events like Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, World Environment Day, Friendship Day etc. is one of the highlighting features at SHEMROCK Ariyan.

Transport Facility

At SHEMROCK Ariyan, we provide safe transportation to children in our preschool. We adhere by all the safety norms required for pre-school aged children. Each of our transport vehicles has a trained support staff member to ensure that your child reaches home to school or school to home safely and on time. Our easily accessible transport facility is offered from the following locations:

In & Around Babusahebpalya (Horamavu), Bangalore.